A blog on general sport, with a focus on the betting and statistical side of the events. Any sport is a potential subject, although as my main interests are football, NFL, rugby union and Formula 1 they will form the backbone. That said, tennis may well make an increasing contribution, not least due to the frequent betting opportunities it affords.

A few points are worthy of note at the outset. Firstly I am not a professional gambler! I am not a high stakes gambler. I doubt I could even be called a medium stakes gambler. For me betting is an ancillary activity to the sport, a challenge between me and the market to see who comes out on top, and therefore the amount of winnings is less important (just as well really). Fixed odds stakes are usually £1 or £2, exchange trades around £5 – that should put it into perspective! Nor am I a statistician, but the idea of modelling sports to identify either betting chances or just to improve my own prediction strike rate appeals. This will probably be a learning curve, or should that be a cliff?

Secondly – but most importantly – NEVER BET WITH MONEY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. It is called gambling for a reason, and even the most dedicated statistical analysis can only establish what should happen and not what will (if it could, bookmakers would be bankrupt).